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About Dr Sarah Brewer

Dr Sarah Brewer has an incredible story

Raised in a “broken home” in Cornwall, few thought she’d amount to anything. Yet at age 18, she won a place at Cambridge to study Medicine. Few women had done it before, and none from a background like hers.

Since then she’s earned four First Class degrees, written 70+ popular health books, won Health Author of The Year, and written newspaper columns read by millions.

But one moment sets her apart.

While working as a doctor in Cambridge, she noticed something strange.

Her colleagues - many of the world’s top experts - were brilliant at finding new ways to fix our health. But they never asked one question.

What if the answers are in the past?

Dr Sarah
Dr Sarah

That day, she began a decades-long study into the ancient cultures of the world. Taking her into the depths of the Amazon, across the Inca Trail in Peru, and through the ancient olive farms of the Mediterranean.

Wherever she went, she asked:

What are the long-forgotten ways to fix our health, which can help change the lives of people today?

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