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Relieve Menopause Symptoms - Mother Nature’s Way

Your perfect support through menopause. Enjoy natural relief from hot flushes,
sleep problems, weight gain and mood swings, and get back to feeling your best.

Total Harmony

Total Harmony is formulated to naturally and safely restore youthful oestrogen levels. By blending nature’s best superfoods for women’s health, it helps reverse menopause symptoms at their root, so you can quickly get back to your best.

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The Powerful Ingredients Inside Total Harmony

Soy Isoflavones

A rare “plant oestrogen” proven to soothe hot flushes, while helping you sleep better.

Ashwagandha Root

A wild Himalayan shrub which boosts your brain. Banishing brain fog, and calming anxiety and mood swings.

Broccoli Extract

Bursting with nutrients which improve your figure. Slimming your waist, and giving you a more “feminine” silhouette.

Fenugreek Seed

An Egyptian spice used since ancient times to support sex drive and vaginal health.


Combats menopausal skin-ageing. Helping erase dark spots and wrinkles.

A Natural Formula

At Origins Diet, we know traditional HRT isn’t an option for many women, so we created “Mother Nature’s alternative”. To help you balance your hormones without any drugs or therapies.

Backed by Science

Each of Total Harmony’s 18 ingredients is supported by piles of scientific studies. So you can be confident you’ll enjoy the transformational results.



We set out to make the most advanced, high-quality products. That's why you're always protected by our “Feel Fantastic Or It’s Free Guarantee”.

Which means if you don’t experience a significant improvement in how you look and feel, you can send back your bottles for a full purchase price refund - even if they’re empty! Any time within 60 days.

To reach our friendly team please contact us on or talk with us on 0800 054 8157.


How do I use Total Harmony?

Simply take 3 capsules a day with your main meal. It’s that easy!

Does it work for other menopause symptoms?

There are 34 recognised menopause symptoms, and Total Harmony should help ease almost all of them. This is because it targets the root cause of most menopause symptoms - a decline in your body’s oestrogen levels.

Is Total Harmony suitable for women during perimenopause?

Yes. Total Harmony is designed for women going through perimenopause and menopause, and for women who have been through menopause.

By restoring more youthful oestrogen levels, it helps combat common symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems and brain fog, allowing you to return to your best.

How long will it take to see results?

You will notice the difference in how you feel very quickly. In fact, many people report fewer hot flushes and a more balanced mood within one or two weeks. But as every individual is unique, we recommend using it for at least 30 days to see the biggest benefits.

Who Is Total Harmony not suitable for?

We don't recommend taking Total Harmony while pregnant, or if you or a family member has a history of breast cancer.

If you have any other medical condition you think Total Harmony could affect, please seek further advice from your GP.

Can I buy Total Harmony anywhere else?

Origins Diet products - including Total Harmony - are not sold anywhere else. Whether that’s in shops or online.

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