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An Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unlike Any Other

Overflowing with polyphenols to support a healthy weight, radiant skin and hair, pain-free joints and a sharper mind.

Ancient Roots Olive Oil

To use, drizzle one tbsp over whatever food you’re eating. Ancient Roots has a deep, rich, luxurious flavour - which pairs perfectly with almost anything.





Paleo & Keto Friendly

Paleo & Keto Friendly



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The Powerful Polyphenols in Ancient Roots

“The Fat Fighter”

Fat-burning hydroxytyrosol

“The Joint Protector”

Anti-inflammatory oleocanthal

“The Rejuvenator”

Skin & hair-softening oleuropein


This delicious extra virgin oil is pressed within six hours of harvest, and delivered straight from the farm to your door. Guaranteeing a truly unforgettable taste.

Nourished By Nature

The Tuscan soils our olives are grown in are some of the richest in the world. Fertilised by 300,000 years of volcanic minerals, from deep in the earth’s heart. This mineral-rich soil ensures Ancient Roots is overflowing with ultra-healthy polyphenols.



We set out to make the most advanced, high-quality products. That's why you're always protected by our “Feel Fantastic Or It’s Free Guarantee”.

Which means if you don’t experience a significant improvement in how you look and feel, you can send back your bottles for a full purchase price refund - even if they’re empty! Any time within 60 days.

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How much Ancient Roots should I take?

The polyphenols in Ancient Roots are so powerful, just one tablespoon per day is enough to help you lose weight, get more radiant hair and skin, stronger joints and a sharper mind.

But if you’re using Ancient Roots to add flavour to your food, you might want to get more of the amazing taste.

Our advice is: Start at one tbsp per day, but feel free to have as much as you like.

How many bottles should I order?

Just one bottle is enough to start enjoying amazing benefits. But if you want to keep feeling fantastic, or share Ancient Roots with your family, we recommend starting on 3 bottles.

That way, you’ll be able to get the biggest benefits from Ancient Roots, while taking advantage of our bundle savings and free delivery.

Can I cook with Ancient Roots?

You can cook with Ancient Roots, but we don’t recommend it.

This is because what makes Ancient Roots so fantastic for you is its polyphenols. And cooking Ancient Roots at high temperatures can decrease polyphenol potency.

Instead, we recommend using Ancient Roots as a “finishing oil”. Drizzle it straight from the bottle onto whatever meal you’re having.

What if I don’t like Ancient Roots?

Almost everyone who tries Ancient Roots is blown away by the phenomenal taste and health benefits.

But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with Ancient Roots, you can return your empty bottles within up to 60 days for a full refund.

What People Like You Experience
When Taking Ancient Roots Olive Oil


Based on 78 reviews

Liz Harvey


Verified Buyer

I have been enjoying the oil for the last few last few weeks

I am sure this product is helping my joints and I am feeling better my skin I think is less dry I am not sure about my weight but something is making me feel better and will continue to use and have ordered more as I certainly have more energy thank you



Verified Buyer

Ancient Roots Olive Oil

A unique taste and my skin loves it.



Verified Buyer


We have been taking this for one month only. So far so good. Very palatable.

Tony Hillier


Verified Buyer

Ancient Roots Olive OIl

A daily dose has helped me recuperate from a spell in hospital

Susan Allen


Verified Buyer

Helping me look after myself whilst waiting for a hip replacement.

Over the month I have found I am more alert. Feeling better within myself as taking paracetamol occasionally rather than 3-4 a day. I have reduced my steps when walking my dog to between 5-6k, instead of 8k. Leaving me 2k for doing jobs around the house and garden. Although I wear a CPAP at night I am sleeping better . My waistline is shrinking a bit. But I do get naughty days... when I do Baking.